Plastic Film for Industry

Considering the necessity of plastic consumption in all industries, we provide various types of plastic products including PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE, all of which are dependent on customers' requirements and specification.

Packing, Protecting, Presenting your products and Marketing your brands. That's what our product is for.

Every piece of product must pass our intensive inspection process

- Width, Length and Thickness
- Tensile Strength
- Seal Strength
- Purity, Correctness and Printed Color
Splendor as a means to ensure that the
delivered products possessing quality and standard required by customers.

Technology & Quality

3.1 Alpine 3 Layers Co-Ex trusion Blown Line
Blowing machines from Germany containing the following prominent properties :
- Triple – Layer Film Blowing Machines.
- 250-350 kg / hr Production Capacity
- Kundig Scan Controlling Constant
Thinness and Thickness
- High Clarity Film
- 550-1100 mm. Wide Film Blowing

3.2 Intelligent Controlling System
Auto Profile Smart Lip :
- Applying on-line controlling system for
film blowing quality improvement by continuously detecting thickness and thinness and adjusting to oriented standard for high quality film product

- Reducing or eliminating spotted
and uneven film products, this yielding blowed film with pleasingly even and high quality suitable for customer's requirement and color printing work.
- Right for LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE

3.3. Printing Machine 4 Colors
Packaging both industrial and commercial products such as soils, chemicals, plastic pellets, etc.