Industrial Factories:Suitable for producing printed or laminated packaging for consumer products
General Purpose:Wrapping or covering products
1. Physical Property :Soft , Elastic and quite transparent film essence having moderately flexible
2. Film Product :Tube Film and Sheet Film
3. Film Color :Transparent , White and other colors such as Black, blue, purple and etc.
4. Type of Products :LLDPE - C4
LLDPE - C8 having prominent quality especially transparency and elasticity

5. Spec :Width 165 mm. - 1,450 mm.
Length < or = 6,000 m (depend on film thickness)
Thickness 20-170 micron

6. Usage :Containing consumer products, frozen food, heavy-weight products and etc.
7. Technical Data Sheet :MSDS & FDA

Film for containing plastic pellets
1. Film Product :Tube Film and Sheet Film
2. Film Color :Transparent and White
3. Specification :Width as required by customers
Roll diameter 1.0-1.4 m
Thickness 120-140 micron

4. Customization :Up to 4 colors printing
Gusseting and Embossing

5. Usage :Film Bags for containing plastic pellets, agricultural products and etc.
6. Physical Property :Having high tensile strength and durable against impact
7. Technical Data Sheet :MSDS & FDA